A very warm welcome to Cygnus, St Hugh's Ball 2019.

On 4th May 2019 we look forward to welcoming some 1700 guests to our beautiful college for a night to remember. Set in our fourteen acres of stunning gardens, prepare to explore the legends surrounding the famous swan-shaped constellation, Cygnus.

The Cygnus constellation has, for thousands of years, been recognised as a swan among the stars. Over that time, generations of astronomers have sought to incorporate the starry swan into various legendary tales. For us, the Cygnus constellation reflects the swan of St Hugh.

As the secrets of the celebrated mascot of St Hugh's are revealed, indulge in our dazzling food and drinks selection, lose yourself to the beat of our unbeatable musical acts, and be astounded by our stunning fireworks display.

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What to expect...

Here's how we celebrated in 2017